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ATH is a small adventure sports lifestyle company located in Honolulu, Hawaii, founded by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, surfer, and health conscious athlete Stuart Kam that offers minimally processed non-gmo sport supplements. We are passionate about using the highest quality minimally processed non-gmo ingredients to create foods & sport supplements designed for surfers, divers, fighters, and adventure athletes. Our companies mission is to inspire healthy lifestyle choices and use our profits for the greater good by reinvesting in youth programs, environmental issues, and community development.

Our commitment to you is to use minimally processed, non-GMO, and ethically sourced ingredients to provide you with the highest quality nutrition. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients. In occasions we are unable to source organic ingredients, we use the next best natural alternative. As athletes ourselves, we are our own customers and care about what goes into our products. Because of this, we never use any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring. As we continue to grow rapidly, we encourage you to check back regularly to see what we've been up to and join the movement! Aloha!


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Max Holloway Featured Article | August 19, 2014

Max Holloway vs Andre Fili

Local boy and ATH fighter Max Holloway will be stepping into the cage against Clay Collard at UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Dos Anjos on August 23rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Fox Sports 1. The 13-4 professional MMA fighter, Clay Collard, fills in for an injured Mirsad Bektic as a late replacement. That hasn’t changed Max’s outlook on the fight, “I’m just going in there and I will come out the winner.”

Mike Straka wrote a featured article for UFC talking about Max’s upbringing and what motivates him to push the limit and be the best he can possibly be:

“That’s the thing that drives me, where I’m from,” says Holloway. “We are not supposed to be successful people. And that pushed me because I want people, when they think of Waianae, they think of me, and that good guys can come out of here and be successful. It’s crazy when people come to Hawaii, they see the finer things and all this fun stuff; there’s bad here and there’s good here, but there’s always hidden secrets no matter where you go.”

Max was raised by his grandparents. His mother was in and out of drug addiction, and his father had long ago abandoned his son. He credits his grandparents for teaching him how to be a part of a family, something he cherishes now that he has a two-and-a-half-year-old son of his own.

“I want the best life I can possibly give to him,” says Holloway. “I had a great life thanks to my grandma and grandpa, and I want to give my son the world. Every day when I am training and when I don’t want to do something I think of him, and that’s where I get my motivation from. I want him to go to college and be a doctor; I want him to stay as far away from fighting as possible. There are two things you can do when you look at your parents. You can fall into their bad habits or you can be the total opposite. I chose to be the total opposite. My father wasn’t around and my mother had drug problems, but I forgive her for her past. I look at my son and I’m just going to support whatever his dreams are. If he wanted to be the best pianist ever I’m going to give him the best advice he can have, and show him what a father is, so when he has a family, he knows what to do and how to take care of them.”

Read more on Max Holloway in the full article on UFC.com: http://www.ufc.com/news/Max-Holloway-A-Diamond-in-Paradise.

Hemp Gold Chia Seed Smoothie | August 15, 2014

Want a smoothie recipe with a little added calories perfect for a long workout, meal replacement, or post workout shake?

#HempGold chia seed smoothie made with coconut oil and fruit for extra calories.
Made with #nongmo ingredients

1x scoop Hemp Gold
1x tbsp coconut oil 
2x tbsp chia seeds
2x tangerines
1x apple banana

Blend with ice

Hemp Gold Chia Smoothie

Shark Week | August 13, 2014

Shark Week

In honor of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, we wanted to post a picture from ATH diver Adrian Hose with a big Tiger Shark off the west coast of Oahu. Adrian Hose is a professional Hawaiian spearfisher living on the island of Oahu. Not too often does he get to see sharks as big as this one, but on this day a big tiger shark stalked him while diving for Ono’s (the Hawaiian name for Wahoo). Notice the silhouette on the surface, that is Adrian’s 15ft Kayak.

Earth Grown Nutrients
Earth Grown Nutrients | August 13, 2014

Earth grown nutrients


Icon Grappling | August 11, 2014

Icon Grappling

Icon submission grappling tournament at the Blaisdell. Honolulu, Hawaii. #teamath

Yancy Medeiros Jab Kick | August 5, 2014

Yancy Medeiros will be facing Justin Edwards at #UFC177 on August 30th at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. Coming off a loss to Jim Miller, Yancy is determined to put on a show and come out with the victory. We caught up to Yancy at Gracie Technics in Honolulu, Hawaii right after his sparring day to get him to demonstrate his jab kick on video (below).

Yancy Medeiros Jab Kick

His jab kick comes from his Karate and Kickboxing background and is slightly different than a traditional Thai Teep Kick. Instead of using your hip to push your target away, the jab kick is a range attack that snaps the intestines of your opponent up. To land effectively, you must bring your knee up first, then snap the kick out, landing with the ball of your foot. This blow is especially punishing to the body since it is deceptively hard to see coming and very quick.


Setting up the kick is key to landing the strike effectively. To set up the attack you want to be on the outside of your opponent’s range, then throw a short straight combo that keeps your opponent at the end of your strikes. Yancy likes to throw a left-right punch combo to find his range then throws the jab kick.  Make sure to emphasis a quick snapping motion landing the blow with the ball of your foot to your opponent’s midsection.

Follow Yancy on his road to UFC 177 on Twitter @ymedeiros or on Instagram @yancymedeiros.

Makaha Valley Oahu
The Real Free Range | August 4, 2014

Free Range Fish

“The best part about diving is being able to share your catch with friends and family” – Adrian Hose

Three Hawaii Boys | August 1, 2014

Yancy Medeiros, Max Holloway, Dustin Kimura

All three Hawaii boys are getting ready for their #UFC fights. Max Holloway fights on August 23rd, Yancy Medeiros fights on August 30th, and Dustin Kimura fights on September 5th. #TeamATH

Never too late | July 31, 2014

Makaha Valley Oahu

Beautiful day to start something new, never too late to start, never too early either. #teamath